The Zhentarim Gambit

Session 2: Fisher Price's My First Dungeon Crawl

From the logs of Orianna Felwinter

Dear Journal,

So let’s see here…After watching the big orc-thingy (He says Krogg a lot so I guess that’s his name), beat on the other Tiefling’s (Tom “Trust” Cruze or something. Lacks elegance.) chest and revive him, we decided to split up and go through the two different halls that were in front of us. I tried to sneak after Mindartis but I accidentally knocked over some junk…oops…

But all of a sudden we heard the screams of a woman! While all the stupid boys ran to help her, I stole off down the hall and peered down another corridor. There was a huge waterfall inside this cave. I wanted to explore it further but I was being watched and couldn’t flee. I decided help the testosterone junkies help this broad.

By the time I got there, she was already dead, and that stupid Dwarf John was almost dead. I had to the lay the smack down on some goblins and bugbear! How they would’ve done without me and my trusty shortsword is yet to be determined.

They were holding some dragon guy captive. Dawsons Creek or something like that was his name. I wasn’t paying attention cause I found a bunch of gold on the floor! It was a nice present after all that goblin killing. I think they talked about the dead girl a bit too. Whatever.

We decided to head into that waterfall cavern next. I found a trap and alerted everyone else, but the noise I made alerted some goblins too. I took a shot at them with my bow and missed, but that Dawsons Creek guy set them on fire and stuff. One got away but I think Krogg chased it down. I was too busy looking for treasure. Mindartis tried to point some out to me but it was just a spike pit which I had seen earlier. That Mindartis is a jerk, but kinda funny.

While everyone else began looking around I figured that some treasure would behind those heavy doors in back. I snuck in and started picking a lock. Sounded like an argument was going on inside. Boy it was a tough lock to crack as it took me almost 20 minutes to open. By the time I busted it, Mindartis and Tom snuck up behind me.

I peered in the room and noticed a bugbear arguing with some sort of astral projection of a figure. When the figure saw me it disappeared. It allowed me to try and sneak attack the bugbear but he saw me coming. There was another cool fight! I saved Tom Kruze’s life! I probably killed everything this time too.

Afterwards we found some super cool loot! I got this sick hat that can disguise me! And Mindartis found this necklace that let’s him breathe underwater. He used to travel beyond the waterfall and found this ancient magical swimsuit! Now he can move fast in water!

And Tom Kruze found some dominoes or something. He seemed really excited. I like Tom Kruze. He’s funny.

Well Journal, getting those goblins was tough but now the towns should be safer. I just hope we get a cool reward in addition to what we found. I’ll write to you later, as always




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