The Zhentarim Gambit

Session 3 - Krogg Forgot to do This One

The Musings of Mindartis

We made our way back through the forest from the goblin’s cave to the little shanty-town we first met in. With about a mile left to go through the forest the air started to fill with smoke. As we pushed our way through the last of the trees our fears were confirmed when we saw the town ablaze. We made our way closer to the village and discovered that the fire was started by a roving band of orcs out for a bit of fun.

Krogg rushed down to try to reason with the other orcs and even seemed to be talking them down from their burning and pillaging when Kardos got frustrated and let loose an arcane blast. The orcs didn’t like that. I loosed an arrow which must have been caught by a stray gust of wind, because it missed just high. The orcs charged at us, and the next thing I knew I was waking up in Targon’s inn with a rather large bruise on my chest.

Kardos let the rest of us know that apparently the orcs were from the same clan as Krogg and they were headed to the city of Waterdeep to join the war effort. Apparently this human city still has a prominent slave population which is mostly made of orcs, trolls, goblins, and ogres.

Kardos, Krogg, John, Orianna, and myself decided we might be useful in freeing those forced into servitude in Waterdeep and decided to head that way.



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