The Zhentarim Gambit

You've Activated my Trap Card!

The Musings of Mindartis

Once again, I had to take care of everyone else in this merry band of adventurers that seems to have formed over the past couple of weeks. This time it all started when an invisible John tripped and alerted three curiously robed figures to our presence. I don’t know who they are—were, but they clearly weren’t there to talk. As soon as John stumbled they jumped up with weapons drawn and charged at Orianna who was clearly visible a few feet beyond where John was standing. I slid off into the shadows and let one of them charge past me before cutting him down while he was distracted by Orianna.

John rushed the one that was holding back and was nearly felled in a single blow. By this time Kardos and Krogg had caught up and went to John’s aid. I cleaned up the last fool that was harassing Orianna and walked over to get some information out of the last ingrate left standing.

Krogg held him down long enough for us to find out that their were about 30 of them in Volter Manor. Just like Old Yupa had feared, they too were after Aechris, Roland’s legendary blade. Unfortunately, he also let slip that they were planning on using the blade on “orcs, and orc-lovers,” which Krogg… did not take kindly to.

Mustering up a few quick disguises we entered the house and quickly split up: Krogg and John going one way, Orianna, Kardos, and myself going another. The three of us wandered about a bit and our disguises were thorough enough that I even convinced one of the enemy acolytes to remove a cursed stick from my grasp.

After uneventfully exploring the rest of our half of the manor our group stumbled upon the lieutenant pouring over a massive pile of papers in the dining room. As we were trying to figure out how to deal with him, Krogg’s distinctive bellow erupted from just beyond the next room. HIs cries cleared the dining room long enough for Kardos and I to inspect what had caught the lieutenant’s interest.

Orianna, being the sticky fingered devil that she is, stole the papers off the Lieutenant’s table and stuffed them quickly within her satchel. I did a more complete survey of the room as a whole and noticed a titillating piece of artwork placed on the mantel above the fireplace. The ornament was a simple pair of crossed swords, but when we entered the house looking for a blade, why pass up such a clue?



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