The Zhentarim Gambit

Fevered Chants

Krogg plays politics while the gang looks on in horror.

Krogg tell story in orc. Krogg ask readers to skip to end if speak common.

Orc: "T’was a fateful morning that we set out from the Antarian manor after having procured the sheath of the fabled Mirror Blade. We decided to return to the Old Man and plan our next step in dealing with the Gibbering Horde. After much deliberation it seemed in all of our best interest to assist in the conflict consuming Waterdeep. For some of us, the city offered a promising lead towards the restoration of Roland’s legendary weapon; for others, mainly myself, a chance at the union of the Orc people under a new banner. A banner of knowledge and progress rather than senseless violence.

Cresting a hill east of the city, the siege came into full view of the party. It seemed a standstill had taken root and the party used this as an opportunity to meet with the Orc high command. Unsurprisingly, my witless cousin Grokk had already siezed the title of Chieftan through treachery, alleging my death to quash any objections made by those that would back my claim. With some luck and my unmistakable brand, the Council of Eight granted me the privilege of Din’dok. (For those not well-versed in Orkish culture, Din’dok is a public forum in which contenders pose differing opinions with no rebuttal. The crowd decides which course of action is to be taken.)

Being the challenger, I spoke first and my final words were met with fervorous cheers and thunderous applause. Grokk’s speech was surprisingly eloquent given his proclivity for single sylable grunts. It appeared, given Grokk’s newfound disposition for public speaking, that I had but one option: a declaration of Mak’lok. (Once more, for the uncultured swine reading this, Mak’lok is of the oldest and fiercest of Orkish traditions. It is a duel to the death predicated on honor. Participants are permitted victory by any means with the sole exception of accepting outside help.)

If I am able to best Grokk in Mak’lok I will drag my brethren, kicking and screaming if need be, into the Golden Age of Orcs. The group will also have the full arm of the Orkish military to assist in the acquisition of the Mirror Blade and the eventual war with the Gibbering Horde.

(For those interested in my speech it went as follows: “I, Krogg, return after a long search and much learning. Our people. Our children. Our forefathers. We have always prided strength over virtue.
Brute force over the subtle hand. We see our brothers and sisters suffer behind those walls and we are powerless to bring an end to it.
I return to you with knowledge, with wisdom, with strategy. I return to you with a plan to rain destruction upon those that would enslave us.
Those that would attempt to break our spirit, crush our will, bring us to our knees. Grokk remained, never growing, his ability to lead is to raise a fist
to all, friend or foe. Our people do not need more of the same leadership. Our people need to bolster our minds just as much as we need to bulster our forearms.
If posed a threat that cannot be defeated by axe alone, a new approach must be applied. I am that new approach. Follow me to bring new glory to our wayward clan.
Follow me to free our people from the tyranny of the Zhentarim. Follow me to begin the golden age of the orkish nomads.)”




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