The Zhentarim Gambit

Session 6: Later Losers, I'm turning to Gas.

or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Krogg

Dear Journal,

So it’s been a weird few days. After being chased by these guys who shot those weird thunderpoon thingies (who we killed real good) we managed to make our way to the Antarian capital. The city was barred up pretty tight, so I drank my Gaseous form potion and slipped through a crack and flew above the city. It was so beautiful! Unfortunately good things must end, and I came to rest at the third district of the city. Snooping around, I found the houses to be void of anything valuable, but instead found some spooky guys hiding about. I ran back to get the others and I found them wandering the city. I gave Kardos a surprise hug because I think he’s neato, and he responded by using some weird magic on me. Jerk. I told the gang about the spooky guys (minus Krogg, he was watching the skiff) and we tried to sneak up on them. Unfortunately, John’s armor made too much noise and they saw me. Oh well.




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